Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW New Assistant Director for Public Safety

Director Woolweaver announces the appointment of Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW as the new Assistant Director for Public Safety.  Paul has been an amateur radio operator since 1984 and currently holds an Extra Class license with interests in HF, digital, satellite, ARES, MARS and repeater operations.
He has worked for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) as an Engineering Specialist II in the Radio Operations Office in Austin, Texas, for the past 8 years with duties including the oversight of a wide range of programs for TxDOT such as FCC/FAA licensing needs, the HF SSB Emergency Communications System, tower site management and replacement program, co-oversight of agency VHF / UHF / 800 radio assets along with TxDOT’s Emergency and Interoperability  Communications needs, a product evaluation and system development program. Additionally, he serves as the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO) Texas Public Safety Frequency Coordinator and TxDOT’s member of the Texas Radio Coalition and represents AASHTO as an Ex-Officio member of the TIA P-25 Steering Committee and Users Needs Subcommittee.
Currently a member of the Travis County ARES, Texas RACES and Texas ARMY MARS, Paul currently resides in Cedar Park, Texas, with his wife of 37 years, Barbara, KC5GFR.
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