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”This will be the year of communication improvements in the West Gulf Division,” said Director Woolweaver in January of 2011 and one example of improvement is the introduction of the ARRL West Gulf Division Facebook page which was followed up over the summer with the ARRL_WGD Twitter account.   Enhancing these efforts to spread information across the division, on November 1st, the new WGD website was launched bringing a new look, new opportunities, and fresh information to our internet presence.   Check out the new site at

Mark Mireles, AD5CA, developed the original West Gulf Division internet site several years ago.  Recently, Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN, has been maintaining it and will continue to assist on the new site.  Wanting to provide a fresh look and utilize the new mediums available on the net, it was decided to start anew and develop a website from scratch.

After talking to WGD members and seeking their thoughts on what they would like to see in a website, Director Woolweaver put our new website designer, Gary Lewis, WG5L,  to work pulling all of the information together to develop a progressive and informative platform.   We have added more educational information, linked to all of the Section websites (check out their new websites as well!), and will continue to build on the “Links” page so that you can easily find information pertaining to the Amateur service and especially the WGD.   With the new website, we are also introducing the ARRL WGD Channel on YouTube where we hope to publicize videos that promote the best of the Amateur Community in all areas – educational and informational.

Please bookmark the new WGD website and check it frequently for new information.  We added a new calendar feature and will be listing all of the ARRL sanctioned events as soon as they are approved by Director Woolweaver and HQ.  Over the next few months, we will introduce you to some of our content contributors and will be seeking your input on questions that pertain to the WGD.  Remember to also join us on Facebook at ARRL West Gulf Division and follow us on Twitter at ARRL_WGD.

Contributions to our mass media endeavors are important to the success of the web site.  If you have something you (or your club) would like to share with the WGD membership on our website, Facebook, monthly newsletter or Twitter, please let us know, so we can consider it.

Additionally, we would enjoy hearing your feedback on how you think we are doing in our communication efforts.  Please email Director Woolweaver at with your thoughts or news contributions.

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