Recent Hamfest Reports

Texoma Hamarama

The West Gulf Division Convention was held in Ardmore, hosted by the good folks of Texoma Hamarama the weekend of October 21 and 22.  Visitors from the Midwest and Delta Divisions also joined in the fun this year, checking out the many bargains that were available.  Joining Director Woolweaver at the ARRL Forum was ARRL Emergency Preparedness and Response Manger, Mike Corey, W5MPC.  Mike announced the placement of an ARRL HF “Go Kit” in the Oklahoma Section.  This brings the total number of “Go Kit’s” deployed in the West Gulf Division to nine.  Each has been placed strategically in the Division to meet communication needs in the event of an emergency. Prepositioning “Go Kits” in the West Gulf places the kits in a central location in the nation should the kits be required elsewhere for EmComm purposes.   Under an agreement with Southwest Airlines that

Director Woolweaver negotiated, an ARRL “Go Kit” could be transported free of charge to any destination that Southwest serves.  This translates to one day delivery to most parts of the United States.

During the forum, Director Woolweaver recognized the astounding efforts of the Viking Radio Club and its mentors, Clifton Harper, KE5YZB, and Paul Goulet, KC5CYY.  (See also ARRL Foundation Announces Grant to KF5CRF)

Also at Hamarama, it was announced that Megan McClellan, K5MEM, was the recipient of the Texoma Hamarama Scholarship Award for 2011.  Congratulations, Megan!

The WGD Leadership thanks and appreciates all of the hard work of Henry, W5TYD, Tina Allen and the entire Hamarama Board of Directors for their hard work in putting together the 2011 WGD Convention!


NCTech Hamfest

The NCTech Hamfest, sponsored by the Tri-County & DiRECT Amateur Radio Clubs in Azle had a good turn out this year.  Presentations by AMSAT, CERT, ARRL West Gulf, and ARRL NTX were well attended.   Director Woolweaver and NTX SM Walt Mayfield, KE5SOO had an opportunity to visit with the attendees and they acquired several new memberships.  As the final sanctioned event for 2011, it was a great way to end the year, and we will look forward to another successful event at NCTech in 2012.

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