WG5L Gary Lewis, Appointed Assistant Director

Director Woolweaver is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Lewis, WG5L, as an Assistant Director for Internet Services.  Gary has been involved in electronics and communications since his Navy days in the 1970′s, where he was an electronics technician working on shipboard communications equipment.  After leaving the Navy, Gary obtained his degree in Management Information Systems.  He first worked in the oil industry and he has spent the last 23 years working for IBM.  He also holds an MBA from LeTourneau University.

It wasn’t until the year 2000, that Gary returned to his electronics and communications roots, spurred on by his son who showed an interest in ham radio.  After almost 30 years of being largely absent from the communications scene, all of that past background came flooding back.

However, it was not until he returned to Texas in 2002, that he really became active in pursuing various aspects of the Amateur Radio service.

Gary has held various positions within his local ham radio club, Longview East Texas Amateur Radio Club (LETARC). He started that club’s current VE team and has become very involved in emergency communications, bringing ARES to his county and revitalizing the local EmComm program.  He currently holds the following positions within the North Texas Section:

  • Gregg County EC and RACES ALT CLO
  • North Texas District 8 DEC
  • North Texas Section ASEC

In addition, Gary is a registered ARRL Volunteer Instructor and Volunteer Examiner.  Beyond being the primary developer of the new WGD website, he is also the webmaster for both the LETARC and North Texas Section websites.  Recently, in a return to his Navy roots, Gary has become involved with Navy-Marine Corps MARS.  An avid user of both voice and digital modes, you can usually find him on most of the 40 and 80 meter southwest traffic nets, as well as PSK31 on 20 meters.

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