Happy New Year!

During 2011, John Stratton, N5AUS and I were honored to serve the amateur radio community as Vice Director and Director of the West Gulf Division.  We had the good fortune to be supported by outstanding individuals who are elected as the Division’s Section Managers: Jay Urish W5GM NTX, Kevin O’Dell N0IRW OKI, Lee Cooper W5LHC STX and John Dyer, AE5B WTX.

During the year, John Dyer and Jay Urish retired, and we welcomed Bill Roberts, W5NPR as the new Section Manager for West Texas and Walt Mayfield, KE5SOO, as the new Section Manager for North Texas.  We are blessed by having such gentlemen take on the front line service of the ARRL.

Throughout 2011, we celebrated nearly two dozen ARRL sanctioned events, where we had the opportunity to learn what issues our members felt were important to their needs in Amateur Radio.  We heard how the members would like to see the amateur radio grow as we approach the ARRL Centennial Celebration in 2014.  Moreover, we learned that as the Amateur Service grows in numbers, now exceeding 700,000, our sense of community grows deeper.  We have expanded the ways in which we participate in our community and found new, vibrant ways to encourage people of all ages to join in the world of amateur radio.

We look forward to the new schedule of Hamfests and Conventions and pray for that one special find in the flea market that brings a spark to both our equipment and our eye.  Most of all, we will continue to look out for each other, caring for our community as it grows, and we will take comfort in the knowledge that only by remembering yesterday can we look forward to a bright tomorrow.

On behalf of the West Gulf Division leadership, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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