Vice Director Receives Committee Assignment for 2012

WGD Vice Director John Stratton, N5AUS received his first ARRL Board Committee assignment at the January Board meeting, having been tapped by ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN to serve as Committee Liaison to the Board Ad-hoc RF Safety Committee.  As Liaison, Stratton will submit the Committee’s report to the ARRL Board at their regular meeting.

The RF Safety Committee is made up of volunteer scientists, physicians, and engineers who are knowledgeable about interactions between electromagnetic energy and biological tissue.  Many of the committee’s members participate in RF bioeffects activities outside of Amateur Radio. Responsibilities include writing and maintaining the RF Safety related text that appears in ARRL publications, such as the Handbook, the Antenna Book, License Manuals, and RF Safety and You and reviewing RF Safety related questions in the Amateur Radio question pools. The RF Safety committee has aided the FCC in the process of editing the recently enacted Environmental Exposure regulations.  Members of the committee monitor the scientific and popular press for new developments related to electromagnetic bioeffects.  The committee advises the ARRL Board of Directors about all RF safety issues.

To learn more about the RF Safety Committee visit the ARRL website at

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