Amateur Radio on The Glenn Beck Show

March 14, ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Alan Pitts W1AGP tapped NTX SM Walt Mayfield, KE5S00 to represent the ARRL on The Glenn Beck Show webcast which dealt with the Survivalist Community.  Beck, whose show until recently was syndicated on the FOX network, now hosts it on where he enjoys a demographic pattern of reaching over 93,000 people per day.

The ARRL was well represented by Walt in a group forum setting.  He was joined by three other gentlemen all of whom are more closely identified with the Survivalist Community than Amateur Radio.   Beck acknowledged that Amateur Radio is not routinely a participant in the Survivalist Community, but that it is an important tool during disasters. During the interview, ARRL contact information was scrolled across the screen several times while Walt was on camera. Beck was so impressed with the information that Walt presented during the 2 hour show, that he publicly invited Walt back to participate in an hour long program dedicated exclusively to Amateur Radio!

At the end of the program, Walt cited Amateur Radio’s importance by describing how a Nebraska community, which suffered a total telephone outage, was benefited by local Amateur Radio operators.  Walt reported that Glenn Beck was very respectful, and that he was so impressed with Amateur Radio that he wants to pursue an Amateur Radio license himself.

Kay Craigie, N3KN noted, “Hats off to the SM/NTX for handling this presentation in a way that reflects well on ham radio and the ARRL.”  Congratulations to Walt Mayfield, KE5SOO NTX SM.

While the entire program is available to GBTV members at  A short clip of the program is posted on the ARRL WGD You Tube Channel  As more Amateur Radio video from the program becomes available, we will post it.

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