PARK Forms a New Special Interest Group

The Plano Amateur Radio Klub, is forming a PARK Balloon SIG (Special Interest Group) to build payloads and launch Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloons to near space. (60,000 to 235,000 feet).

There is a lot of opportunity to participate and a lot of different jobs available, i.e., building payloads, being on the launch team, being on the recovery team, tracking the balloon, predicting the path, interfacing with the FAA, etc.

The PARK SIG is open to all Amateurs Radio operators (you need not be a member of PARK to participate).

We are also opening it up to non-hams. (We will help you get your license, so you can participate more fully). We have also started a PARK Balloon yahoo group, to subscribe to email information

ARBONET has offered us a payload spot on their April 21 Balloon launch in Hillsboro if we can be ready in time.

Contact PARK President Kip Moravec, AE5IB for more information at

(Submitted by Kip Moravec, AE5IB)

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