Toddlers and Tiara’s Have Nothing on KF5NNT

Clifton Harper KE5YZB continuously tells the young Vikings that Amateur Radio will open doors for them. By listing your amateur radio association on your college application, it may be the one reason your application is selected above all the rest.

Such was the case described by 12 year old Sh’Kyra, KF5NNT after she followed that advice, but not for a college application.  Here is yet another great story from the Viking ARC.

KF5NNT is in several honor classes, the Viking ARC, and participates in pageants. At a recent pageant competition the selection process was tight; really tight. As part of the application process, Sh’Kyra took Mr. Harper’s instruction to heart and listed Amateur Radio as an activity.  As the pageant continued Sh’Kyra was asked about Amateur Radio and her involvement. Sh’Kyra explained that in Amateur Radio we talk to people, build antennas, learn about electronics, safety, and patience and use a lot of math. When asked what was the farthest distance she talked? She proudly replied, “ITALY”! The judges observed and listened in silence, and soon announced Sh’Kyra’s selection.

Sh’Kyra has been in the Viking Club for over a year, starting her Amateur Radio career as a shy very soft spoken participant, always willing to try, always willing to learn, and is always willing to take criticism and advice. She has developed a “radio” voice that easily fills the classroom (and hallway). Now Sk’Kyra the oldest of 3 siblings, finds herself helpfully coaching and correcting her peers.  This same confidence while speaking to peers and seniors certainly added to her presence in the eyes of the judges as she answered those questions. Congratulations Sh’Kyra and thank you for representing amateur radio during your pageants. Yes, put Amateur Radio on all those applications!  Amateur Radio is fun, challenging and requires self study but continues to help open the door of opportunity – just ask KF5NNT.

(Submitted by Paul Goulet, KC5CYY)

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