WGD Announces Radio Scouting Initiative

HamCom 2012 in Plano was the official kick-off for the newly created West Gulf Division Radio Scouting organization when David Woolweaver, K5RAV, WGD Division Director announced the appointment of Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN, as the Assistant Division Director for Radio Scouting.

Simultaneously, Assistant Section Managers for Radio Scouting were appointed for the four Sections in the West Gulf Division.  The ASMs are representing NTX, Richard M. Phillips, Sr., KB5YBQ; representing OK, Mark Hamblin, AE5MH; representing STX, Hal Miles, AD5L and representing WTX, Leland Fellows, N5DGH.

Position Descriptions for these new positions and contact information are available in the EDUCATION/SCOUTING section of the West Gulf Division web site.  Initial short-term goals are to encourage conducting Radio Merit Badge classes at all Section, State and Division conventions and to increase participation in Jamboree on the Air.  Long-term goals are to implement Radio Scouting Committees in each of the 24 Councils in the West Gulf Division.

If you’re a Scout or Scouter who is interested in amateur radio, please make yourself known to the Assistant Section Manager for your ARRL Section.  Keep your ASM informed of your plans and activities.

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