Epi Camacho, KF5EUB Appointed as AD of Club Activities

Director Woolweaver announces the appointment of Epitacio Camacho, KF5EUB as the new Assistant Director for Club Activities.  Epi will be working with all of the Section Club Coordinators and the clubs themselves to insure that the ARRL club database information is updated and current.  It is imperative that this information stays current so that Affiliations are maintained and clubs can be assured timely communication from their SM’s, Division Leadership and from HQ.  Epi, working with Director Woolweaver and the Section Managers, will also be available to assist the Section Club Coordinators with any issues that they might have in resolving club issues.

Epi has been a licensed operator since July, 2010 and has been dedicated to learning more about Amateur Radio.  His roots began on CB airwaves but he wanted more from the experience.   When he took one of his CB radios in for repair, the service tech suggested that he consider moving into Amateur Radio and “leave the chicken band behind.”  Epi picked up a study guide and was licensed within a week.

He has met a lot of great people in the community and he looks forward to meeting more and to making more friends.  Epi and his wife, Jennifer KF5IOU live in Dallas with their 5-year old daughter Louisa.

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