MARS Announces Changes

The new Chief Army MARS (CAM), Steven Kelinefelter, has shifted the emphasis for Army MARS to support DOD missions.  For this reason the public guidance has stressed using military standard waveforms to increase the interoperability with military radios.  These modes are new to Army MARS.

The previous CAM, Stu Carter, chose to emphasize interoperability with the amateur radio community and stressed WINLINK as vehicle to accomplish this task.  He also stressed the relationships with the state and local emergency management community.

Chief Kleinefelter, in a message to the membership, stated that there are two types of missions, one supporting a DOD mission and the other in support of emergency management agencies.  The tools that will be used to accomplish these missions may be different.   As of now, all tools like WINLINK and other amateur waveforms are authorized to be used in the MARS program.

To date, no discussion has taken place as of yet as to how these missions will be prioritized or which will take precedence when competing requests for MARS resources are received.

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(Submitted by, Dave Martin K5YFO)

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