WGD Recognizes New ARRL Life Members

The West Gulf Division Leadership wants to recognize and thank the following people for their commitment to the ARRL, by becoming Life Members.

Jonathan Brandenburg, KF5IDY

Eduardo Cantu Leal, XE2LTH

Thomas F. Devlin, AE5TD

Brian Gnad, KB5TSI

Kevin R. Grantham, N5KRG

Frank Graves, KF5ISD

Wade T. Graves, KF5AUD

Cecil G. Harper, W5CQG

James D. Heye, K5WLQ

Edward Hoffer, N5ECH

Gary E. Lewis, WG5L

Joseph W. Long, NØOEG

Jason D. MacDonald, NV5DS

Guadalupe P. Macias, KD5JJB

Earl J. May, WDØGSV

Vaughn E. Mc Cauley, K5VMC

Charles V. Mc Kinnis, KB5ZWC

Maxwell G. Moon, K5EIE

Kenneth E. Nichols, KD3VK

Jim C. Pope, N5JCP

Philip B. Robinson, KB5ASY

Joseph J. Sauer, KD5JSD

B.B. Stanfield, KC5PIY

Richard K. Yoo, N5YOO

ARRL Life Members receive QST for life, a life member card, a wall plaque, a Life Member pin and window decals.  If you would like to consider your membership options, please visit https://www.arrl.org/membership-levels to review all of the levels of ARRL membership.  Payment plans are available for those who wish to consider Life Membership.

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