Happy 17th Birthday Kelsee!

Kelsee, KF5RRG spent her 17th birthday with a valiant try to WAS in one afternoon.  She missed on KS, NE and AR.  She is extremely happy with the results and her efforts and we are too!  She gave everyone a chance to say hello, offer their best wishes and close.  The afternoon of activity netted 16 pages of logs and equaled more than 400 contacts.  Great job Kelsee and Happy Birthday!

Kelsee is a huge promoter of ham radio at her high school.  Yes everyone, kids are more than willing to study the materials, get a license and stay involved.  They do not have to give up their cell phones to do it.  In fact, embrace (smart) cell phones – the number of amateur radio apps available is amazing!

From around the country hams were calling Kelsee and her friends on the phone and IRLP telling us about the huge pileup trying to get through.

Huge support came from our friends within OMIK helping to promote traffic towards Kelsee and working to help keep the frequency clear.  OMIK is certainly the model when it comes to supporting amateur radio and youth in America … www.omikradio.org – consider joining this fine organization.  If you are unsure, listen to their Sunday net on 14.295 MHz from 16:00 – 18:00 UTC that is followed by a Tech Talk at 1pm Eastern Time on the same frequency – competent, hands on, experienced operators willing to offer genuine suggestions and advice to problem solve or help move you into an area with more information.   If you are not sure of a direction to proceed, the narrator or someone listening has probably been down that path and is never afraid to tell you the good and bad.  For those wondering, I am good in the BlueBook!  Ask what that is about, when you check in.

Justin KB7CSW and Frank KB0MMR helped with equipment and antenna setup and beam re-positioning.  After all, Kelsee only has a VHF/UHF dual bander in her car.

(Contributed by Paul Goulet, KC5CYY)

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