Logbook of the World Update

The ARRL has created a new informational  page to issue daily status updates and information of interest to the Logbook of The World (LoTW) user community. These updates will include planned downtime and changes that will impact LoTW operations. In addition, LoTW’s processing queue is now updated hourly, listing how many logs and QSOs have been uploaded to the LoTW system that are awaiting processing. New hardware that will improve LoTW’s throughput is on order and is expected to be running in six to eight weeks.

Rick Murphy, K1MU, and Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ, have been charged with rebooting the Trusted QSL open source project. If you have demonstrably strong C++ development skills that you’re interested in applying toward improving LoTW’s usability and efficiency, please contact Bernstein via e-mail aa6yq(at)ambersoft(dot)com.

We appreciate the user community’s patience while we while work to bring LoTW’s performance to an acceptable level.

(Reprinted from the ARRL website)

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