November Sweep Stakes 2012, Yes – Sierra – for SCHOOL

— November Sweep Stakes 2012, Yes – Sierra – for SCHOOL

KF5CRF operated from their school radio club station at Eisenhower Middle School, Lawton, OK on Saturday November 17th.  Nearly every on-air voice was 6th graders searching for contacts as they try to make a clean sweep and contact all sections.  In the background, you heard the voices of their licensed 8th grade coaches, validating the contact and motivating the 6th graders to “GET THEM – WE NEED THEM!”

Starting at 6th grade, it will take most students 18 months to go from being coached to being coach!  Bringing young people into the hobby takes a huge investment of time and energy, and yes real tears will shed on test days.  Some will drop out but most will stick with it and seeing that confidence and competence happen is worth it.

November licensee’s and upgrades include:  Lilly, KF5PBL on her upgrade to General.  7th graders, Jada, Lexley, Kerson, Jonathon and 8th Graders Logan, Jessup, Kristopher and Kolby on achieving their Technician license!

All students are familiar with operating in a busy HF environment.  During the School Club Roundup, the team worked 920 QSO’s, all 50 states and captured several DX contacts.  The SCR is held bi-annually in October and February and proves to be a week long, fun filled event for the students.

When W1AW stopped by the classroom, the remote operator asked if he could make an exchange with all the licensed students … he was unprepared as nearly all of the licensed students were present and he made himself late getting back to work.  When a South African stopped in, every student lined up to say hello and make an introduction.

During Museum Ships Weekend (June 2012) about 12 students from the middle school radio club traveled across the state to Muskogee, Oklahoma, to operate from inside the decorated submarine the USS Batfish, WW2SUB.  Or work adjacent to the surviving memorial of the USS Oklahoma Memorial, WW2OK.  If you worked WW2SUB or WW2OK, and thought that the operator “sounded a bit young” you probably talked with one of the students.

Only stations working from inside the submarine could operate as WW2SUB.  All stations outside of the submarine had to work as WW2OK – It was an honor for the students to be so close to such important parts of our history.

On November 2, 2012 Robert Chapman KA5VST presented KF5CRF with an award for their participation during the 2011 November Sweep Stakes “Oklahoma Section Middle School High Score”.  Present for the award presentation was Marcos KF5LLG, Itzel KF5JAZ, Kameron KF5NNS and Tristan KF5NNP.

Clifton Harper, KE5YZB/KF5CRF is the school teacher and school radio club organizer.  KF5CRF has licensed 24 students from 6th grade to 8th grade.  Please remember they are a little middle school radio club.  If you hear them calling CQ, please spot them on your favorite DX reflector.  If you hear those timid little voices calling CQ, stop in and give them a contact and please remember to say a few words of encouragement.  Remember their exchange will be “Sierra” for SCHOOL.

(Contributed by Paul Goulet, KC5CYY)

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