NTX Section Convention, Cowtown Hamfest

The Lockheed Martin Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring ARRL NTX Section Convention at The Cowtown Hamfest 2013. The event will be held January 18-19 at the Lockheed Martin Recreational Area in Fort Worth.

We are working on a great program this year for the NTX Section Convention at Cowtown HAMFEST 2013. One of the Sessions planned is for School Teachers who would like to teach Amateur radio to their students and clubs that support schools teaching amateur radio. Nathan McCray, K9CPO, ARRL Instruction and Resource Coordinator will be the main speaker during this session. He will demonstrate some of the techniques used and share the many resources available for schools by the ARRL.   We will have some teaching aids and items from ARRL HQ thanks to K9CPO, who will be visiting to teach us how to encourage youth to become interested in Amateur radio.

ARRL Section Manger Walt Mayfield, KE5SOO will be hosting the NTX Section Mentoring booth at the 2013 Cowtown Hamfest and NTX Section Convention. The Mentoring booth staff will have lots of different gear on hand to demonstrate and teach attendees about the different modes and gear related to Amateur radio and electronics.  Additionally, we are working with the Cowtown leadership to have at least two sessions that focus on basic operating topics. If you would like to assist with these forums or assist in the Mentor Booth, please let Walt know at ke5soo(at)arrl.org.

Gather more information by visiting the Cowtown Hamfest website.  This is a great family getaway weekend as January 18th is opening day for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  Make your reservations now!

(Contributed by NTX SM, Walt Mayfield, KE5SOO)

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