Are You Covered? What About Your Club?

Cold weather will be upon us soon enough so we want to take this opportunity to remind you to double check your equipment insurance coverage. The ARRL began a new partnership with Hays Affinity Group in 2011 to provide its ARRL Membership Equipment Insurance and Club Liability Insurance plans.  Hays serves as the program administrator to provide equipment insurance to ARRL members that choose to elect coverage.  Hays introduced new policies for both plans, underwritten by the Hanover Insurance Company.

Not only is equipment protection coverage through Hays Affinity Group slightly less expensive than it was with Marsh, it’s easier to enroll in the plans. You can sign up online and even schedule your equipment online, too. With Hays Affinity Group, you can have all your radio equipment covered, even the computers, hard drives and printers in your shack. You can also elect to have coverage for your towers and antennas, up to $15,000 of replacement cost. All losses are settled on the replacement cost value you have stated for your equipment. In addition, any newly acquired equipment during the policy term, up to a value of $2000, will be covered, and once scheduled, until your next policy renewal without any additional premium. All this and more – with only a $50 deductible ($25 for repair claims).

Hays will also provide club liability insurance to ARRL Affiliated Clubs for those clubs that wish to take advantage of that program.  This comprehensive general liability policy provides coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury and property damage at ARRL Affiliated Club-sponsored activities. This includes concession stands, dances, banquets, parties, auctions, raffles, picnics and meetings, to name just a few. Coverage would also apply for official Club participation, for instance, participating in a community-sponsored event. In addition to the policy limits described below, this plan also pays the court and legal costs of defense for covered claims.  The club plan reimburses expenses for first aid to others at the time of an accident and an owner of a premises used or rented by the Club can also be named as an additional insured.  To learn more about Affiliated Club benefits visit

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