SCHOOL ROUNDUP February, 2013

Once again the WGD had a strong showing in the February 2013 School Club Roundup Contest.   The Viking ARC (KF5CRF) out of Eisenhower Middle School Lawton, Oklahoma, achieved its first place finish in the Middle/ Intermediate /Junior High category with a score of 236,520 points having accomplished 810 QSO’s while operating for a full 24 hours.   Coming in second place was the Lampasas Middle School Youth ARC (K5LMS) with 103,360 points after operating 22 hours.  KC5KBO League City Intermediate School placed 7th with 30,267 points and Thornton Middle School Wireless Technology Club placed 13th with 6,006 points.

In the Senior High Division, K5LJB High School ARC at the Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy High School in Austin placed 2nd with a score of 142,824 points, having operated 24 hours during the contest.

In the College/University category, the UT Dallas ARC (K5UTD) placed 1st with a score of 222,234 points over a 23 hour time period.  Joining them were WD5AGO Tulsa Community College and W5UNT, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at University of North Texas, in 15th and 16th place respectively.

And finally in the Individual category, KF5SPP Mark Williams of Abilene finished in 5th place having scored 1,854 points in a 13 hour time period.

Congratulations to all of the WGD schools that participated in the 2013 February School Roundup!

(Results contributed by Paul Goulet, KC5CYY)

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