Texas QSO Party

It’s that time of year again when the world works Texas, and Texas operators try once again to put all 254 counties on the air. In the last few years we’ve come close with several years above 250 but we haven’t, in recent memory, put all 254 in the submitted logs. Therefore, I hope everyone is making plans to participate again this year on the weekend of September 28-29. I’ve volunteered to again keep track on the web of who is going to be operating from where by publishing the Active Stations Map – available on http://www.txqp.net/– and to do that we need your input.

Once your plans are finalized, please send Chuck Sanders a note (the sooner the better and preferably no later than the Wednesday before the party) with the following information and he will add your operations to the map.

Fixed Stations:
1. Your call
2. Modes of Operation: CW Only, Phone Only, Mixed
3. Bands of Operation: HF only, HF+6m, HF+2m
4. Days of Operation: Both days, Saturday Only, Sunday Only
5. The county you will be operating from

Mobile Stations:

1-3 same as above
4. Saturday counties in the order you plan to activate them
5. Sunday counties in the order you plan to activate them

In listing the counties please use the full name of the county, not the abbreviation.

If the information is available early enough, the Active Stations Map can be a great tool for seeing where activity is currently planned and where more activity is needed.  If you are a mobile and have flexibility in your route, check the Active Stations Map from time to time to see where additional activity is needed.

Please talk up the TQP in your club meetings.  Questions can be directed to Chuck Sanders, NO5W or to Keith Dutson, NM5G through the http://www.txqp.net/ website.


73’s, NO5W

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