Lawton Ft. Sill ARC Hosts Events

lawton1Lawton Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club, W5KS recently rolled two events into one.  Honoring the Comanche Code Talkers of WWI and WWI and serving their community during the International Festival.   The event started adjacent to the Comanche Nation Museum but needed to start on Thursday, September 26th.  Two operators agreed to man the station, Mike WD5USA and Santos KB5MQL.  We also recruited two licensed home school students, Isaiah KF5NNQ and Seth KF5UWC to help in the operation.   Both sets of parents quickly agreed to allow the students to participate during the school day.

Lawton is a richly diverse community, with a large military population on the adjacent Fort Sill army base and a huge Native American population.  Except for the large Native American population, Lawton is represented demographically nearly exactly like the USA population.  lawton2

Several students from the Eisenhower Middle School Radio Club KF5CRF came out and joined in the special event.  As a reminder, QSL information is in the September 2013 QST!

Listen for KF5CRF and other school radio clubs around the world the week of Oct 21 – Oct 25, 2013.  Most stations will be an Individual, (1 point) but several authorized individuals also posses Club Calls (2x multiplier), please remember to offer those in the exchange too.  Want to participate, download the logging software at, be sure you have version 3.9 and test it out ahead of time.  Schools are (5x multipliers).  Offer the students some words of encouragement; you might be the very first contact they might have made.

(Contributed by Paul Goulet, KC5CYY)

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