K5C Celebrates, The Cleburne Courthouse Centennial Special Event


The FCC approved of the selected “Ham Radio Special Event” call sign of K5C in early October, 2013.  Eight local volunteer radio operators were signed up to work the frequencies and mode of their choice, on November 16.  When the final log pages were in, it showed that they had contacted 399 amateur radio stations in 37 different states in North America and 33 contacts in 14 foreign countries using voice and Morse Code.  These contacts included England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Malta and Canada. 

The volunteer operators opened this celebration to the world.  The control operators were:
Matt Galandat, KY5O
Jay Stanfield, WB5UDA
Ken Bush, KB5YBI
Jim Erickson, KB0DBJ
Mike Kegley, KB5QFU
Jim Chance, WV5K
Jason Smith, W5NEC
Marty Reeves, AB5L

Congratulations to all for a successful event!

(reprinted with permission from WB5UDA )

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