School Round Up Time

School Club Roundup is all this week February 10-14th.  School Clubs may operate up to 6 hours per day for a total of 24 for the entire week.

Although the big prize is school (multiplier of 5 points) contacts, club contacts have a multiplier of 2, and individuals have a contact of 1.  But all points add up and can make for a big score for any youth organization/club.

KF5NNT Sh'kyraHear some young voices?  That is probably not little Billy playing on dads radio.  Most likely it is a student at a school being supervised by a teacher.  Jump in, give them a contact and find some more.  Please be positive in your comments, and encourage that student to keep up the good work and tell him/her that they are doing great.  After all, they are only kids.  If you hear a voice in the background; that is probably the local volunteer assisting the student operators.   Scholarships are available for licensed students from the ARRL, and many of these kids can benefit from those and the life lessons that come along with Amateur Radio.


Anyone who participates can submit a log, even individuals sitting at home.  WGD is fortunate to have several schools participating in this bi-annual event.  Remember that most school stations are barefoot and have modest antenna systems.  If a school is on a net frequency, let them know a few minutes ahead of time.  Let them know about the net and see if something (most will accommodate) can be worked out, regardless, make sure you give them a contact and encourage your net members to do the same.    Please, please, help those school clubs out if you can.   You may not be “cool” to your kids or grandkids, but undoubtedly you will be “super cool” to someone else’s.

Submitted, by Paul Goulet, KC5CYY

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